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From Old to the New: Website Eurospares B.V.

On the transition from 2020 to 2021! For many, and also for us, 2020 was an eventful year. A year where you had to look at possibilities and solutions. A year that some entrepreneurs have been able to benefit from and others not at all. We also puzzled and looked at “ourselves”. In our own […]

Decontemination support / stand

Covid-19, Corona, it still keeps people busy. Disinfection of hands, shopping carts, public spaces, hygiene, turns out to be a very strong point, to make an effort to prevent contamination. This can not only come from the government, but must also come from ourselves, as a company, consumer, person. Whether we all think it makes […]


Relocation is a fact! We have been located in Boxmeer since 01 April 2021. That will really make a difference for few people/companies, but it’s nice to mention anyway. We are even better prepared for our new, much more spacious location. Can we meet certain questions and assignments even more easily? The space is there […]

New: Tape holder support and film dispenser.

Every now and then you get a question that just falls outside your “picture”. But that’s no problem either. We have already made packing tables, packing tables and packing carts for several companies. Now we received the request for a foil holder and support for unrolling (stretch) foil / paper and for storing and hanging […]

Harmonica trestle in action!


Well known and perhaps also the most famous Eurospares product is the Harmonica Trestle. Over the years, the range has expanded from 1 to 6 different standards and secretly a few more**. We have also reached different markets and more and more people/companies/entrepreneurs see the Harmonica trestles as an ideal tool. When we have the […]

Dutch National Team and the Netherlands: Good luck!!

Through this road, we wish the Dutch national team and all Dutch supporters a few very nice weeks and successes. If we stick to the current rules together a little bit, we will certainly succeed. To make this even easier and to get into the mood, we have made a Limited Edition Disinfection Support.

“Get off the floor !”

“Get off the floor”, “Take your company/workshop/workplace to the next level”. We are aware of this somewhat strange title and salutation of this message, but…… We have been promoting and explaining our Harmonica trestles for several years now, What they are, What you can do with them, How to use them, Why you should use […]