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Decontemination support / stand

Covid-19, Corona, it still keeps people busy. Disinfection of hands, shopping carts, public spaces, hygiene, turns out to be a very strong point, to make an effort to prevent contamination. This can not only come from the government, but must also come from ourselves, as a company, consumer, person. Whether we all think it makes sense or not is not an issue in this case. However, everyone is going to use their logical mind.

Just like the distance of 1,5 meters, disinfecting your hands in an easy way is just a pre. Do not ask yourself whether it is necessary, but just do it!

However, the options must be there. In many places, broken, dirty squeezed bottles of disinfectant, with ditto "kitchen roll" and an overflowing trash can. Disinfection supports that you have to operate with elbow or hand?!?!? (coughing into your elbow and touching everything with your hands…) You may even wonder, 'Is the cure not worse than the disease'?!

You should therefore be able to do contactless disinfection. At that place where everyone makes their entrance. And that too is known and not new. Yet you still see bottles everywhere, standards with bottles or manually operated pumps. Somehow this also makes sense. Standards with automatic operation are there, but there is also a similar price tag.

We as a company, but certainly also as a consumer (we also visit the supermarket, at school, other companies), are disturbed by the mess/filth and the impossibility to deal properly with and for each other 'according to the standing recommended standards'. to go. From here, with that idea, a standard has been developed, according to the standard, to make it possible for everyone to take responsibility and give. Also for every target group, including wheelchair users / people bound to a wheelchair. Many units are too high for them.
Disinfection support/standard Eurospares BV :
- Dispenser unit is height adjustable. So accessible and usable for everyone, wheelchair users for example.
- Dispenser is contactless. Liquid comes out of the device through a mist, no dripping, no too large jet and no mess.
- Disinfectant liquid is 70 % alcohol, NO gel, so does not stick, does not leave a layer or residue on hands. Is odorless, initially smells alcohol,    as soon as it has "evaporated", almost immediately, odorless fresh hands.                                                                                                             - Liquid can also be used for cleaning surfaces: shopping carts/baskets, table tops, etc.
- Base of the stand, has 4 adjustable legs, with a vibration-damping property. So it is always stable and on an uneven floor it can be placed straight and stable.
- Standard, can also be personalized by color, in numbers. Unit holder and base plate in company color are possible.

From now on, the disinfection support / standard can be ordered from us. You then buy a standard with contactless dispenser, including batteries and a liter of disinfectant. Color standard silver-grey. For any further information, questions or if you would like to order: Call or email us: telephone +31 (0)485-769075 or email


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