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Relocation is a fact! We have been located in Boxmeer since 01 April 2021.

That will really make a difference for few people/companies, but it's nice to mention anyway.

We are even better prepared for our new, much more spacious location. Can we meet certain questions and assignments even more easily? The space is there and so is the capacity.

Various Harmonica trestles, the various carts and also our other products can now be produced side by side. As standard and or custom!

Is there a question? Do you want to know something? Is there a cart that should have some functionality and you can't get hold of/find? Feel free to call or email us, and we will look for a solution together!

Often a very simple sketch (not necessarily beautiful) is enough to come to fruition. Examples of this can be found on the website under the heading “Warehouse carts”, where supplied drawings with end results can be found.

Our new address:

Lionstraat 8, 5831 AK, Boxmeer

Phone +31 (0)485-769075 (remains the same)

Mail: (will remain the same)

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